Abhilash at a marriage function where he performed, leaving his audience spell-bound.

Abhilash dreams to become a “Star Dancer” Deformity cannot stop me

Madugula Abhilash, a student of 8th Class hailing from Alrapadu Village is supported by his father who works as a cobbler. Abhilash is fond of his dancing talent and has performed on-stage in several instances, leaving the audience awestruck spellbound.


Sailing through life, happier ever after body

Hailing from the Palam Village in East Godavari district Ardhani Chinnaraju is 19 years old living with his father, mother and siblings along the shores. His family is into fishing business to support their livelihoods and so is the boy fond of the chore.


Chinnaraju after surgery is back to his normal life


Shrinivas, happily posing for the picture with a smile post treatment completion.

An aspiring police officer, fights hansen’s disease body

Aged 25 years old and rejected from police sections, an aspiring youth who defeated a disease to stand against the destiny. Mr. Shrinivas, a resident of K. R. Palli, in Kalaburghi district lives with his parents and two elder brothers. He is a graduate and wished to serve as a police officer.


Mr. Sataiyappan – a self-motivated and self-made businessman body

Mr. Sataiyappan, a resident of Palakkarai Melacauvery village in Kumbhakonam district is a self-made businessman, happens to run a building construction material shop. It was observed that Mr. Sataiyappan, had deformities in his hands and legs post treatment of MDT and was given a reconstructive surgery (RCS). However, things did not go along for him.


Mr. Sataiyappan after surgery is back to his normal life.


Mrs. Kavitha happily showing her treated hand post-surgery

Fighting the odds winning life, iron lady of Kavitha body

A 32 year old lady dependent entirely upon local farmlands to earn her daily wages, Mrs. Kavitha Chavan is a resident of Kakkasagiri village in Yadagiri district of Karnataka. Her village happens to be on the borders of Maharashtra and Telangana where majority of population is dependent upon the agriculture for their life support.


“Player of the tournament wins deformity”

Mr. Allada Durga Prasad, ages 18 and is an admirer of Indian nationa sports hockey. During his childhood days, Surya imitated playing hoceky like any other kid with bamboo sticks and umbrella rods. Less was it known at the time that he would conquer the fields and also be prized as the player of the tournament.


A D Surya Prasad, posing with his Player of the Tournament trophy


Beera practising his software skills.

Beera - a 9y/o dreames to be a Software Engineer

Master Beera is a 9y/o boy who dreams and aspires to become a software engineer, son of an autod driver father and a workign tailor mother, he has two sibings. He has been an intelligeng kid since beginnign and is praised for his commendable academic records. For a 9 year old kid he also posses a unique talent of writing poeties in english.