Terms of Reference

Support in Development of Program Strategy for FAIRMED India


FAIRMED (FM) India formerly known as Swiss Emmaus Leprosy Relief Work India (SEI) is a non-profit development organization that works with the mandate of ‘health for the poorest’. FAIRMED India started its work in India in 1960 and initially worked to eliminate leprosy as a public health problem. For the last 60 years, FAIRMED India has dedicated itself to improving the lives of people affected by leprosy and other poverty related diseases through social and medical rehabilitation.

FAIRMED India works in collaboration with the Central and State Governments in the Leprosy Control Program and in active partnerships with local NGOs. FAIRMED India is also mainly supporting four tertiary care hospitals in three states, namely Andhra Pradesh (2), Karnataka (1) and Tamil Nadu (1), which are recognized by the Government of India’s Central Leprosy Division. All these hospitals have been originally set up as pure leprosy hospitals, which until now provide quality tertiary care services to the people affected by leprosy - both inpatient and outpatient services free of cost. Usually, the beneficiaries are people from the same or adjoining districts or sometimes from adjoining state. The official district health functionaries including the district leprosy teamwork in close collaboration with the hospitals.

FAIRMED India is currently implementing a pilot project to understand the impact of migration among people affected by leprosy and their families in 4 states of India so as to enable provision of continuum of care and services to migrant people affected by leprosy. The project is being implemented in collaboration with Central Leprosy Division (CLD) MoHFW Govt of India, WHO, APAL, and ILEP.

Purpose of the Assignment:

FAIRMED India and FAIRMED Berne together have started developing the FM India country program strategy 2021-2024 by holding discussions on different components of the strategy. With this new country program FM India makes a huge step in a different strategic direction in which the organization wants to move away from a disease/leprosy specific approach to one where neglected, discriminated and left-behind communities and their needs related to health stand in the focus to improve their health and ultimately their quality of life. With this new strategy FM India also wants to better align their programmatic work to the overall strategy of FM and it’s other implementing countries.

The team of FAIRMED India has drafted first elements of the strategy document though it is in an early stage. Lots of inputs need to be incorporated into it. For each component of the strategy, both India and Berne team exchange their thoughts and opinion over it and those need to be incorporated into the document. It was understood and felt that FAIRMED needs the support of a consultant who can summarize the details of the discussion that was taking place and put them in words in the document. It has to be emphasized that FAIRMED is looking for a consultant who has prior experience of developing such strategy document for development organisation in India.


The overall objective of this assignment is to support the development and the writing-up of the program strategy for FAIRMED India (2021-2024), in close collaboration with the management of FAIRMED India and Berne.

Specific Objectives:
  •      Develop an understanding of the existing FAIRMED program strategy (2018-2021) and the operational plan of FAIRMED India and                          FAIRMED Berne through careful research and analysis, as well as the orientations for the strategy phase 2021-24 that have been jointly
              developed by all FAIRMED country teams and FAIRMED HQ in a participatory approach.
  •      Develop an understanding of the FM India draft program strategy (2021-2024) which was prepared by the team of FAIRMED.
  •      Support the organisation in conducting an analysis of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats or risks (SWOT analysis).
  •      Support the organization in developing the FM India country program strategy for the period 2021-2024 and in elaborating
              the written document.


The consultant is requested to submit an offer to FAIRMED India (4-5 pages) in which she/he explains her/his approach, the methodology that will be used, a work plan with time schedule, references regarding their qualification and experience, a list of documents that the organisations must provide to the consultant and two-three references of organisations, whom the consultant has supported in developing a program strategy.


The consultant/agency shall provide a detailed plan with the corresponding budget tables in soft copy. The consultant needs to be flexible to be present in the meetings as far as timing of discussion between both India and Berne team is concerned. This discussion can be conducted in 3-4 phases based on the schedules of both FAIRMED India and FAIRMED Berne team.

Once the discussion is over, the consultant has to draft the discussed component of the strategy and share with all the participants for their comments and feedbacks. After the comments and feedbacks are incorporated for all phases, the consultant shares the final strategy document to FAIRMED India.

Qualifications and Work experience of the consultant:

It is expected that the consultant being engaged has the following expertise:

  •      At least a master’s degree in English literature, journalism or a related discipline.
  •      Working experience / knowledge of Indian NGOs and /or INGOs, and in-depth understanding of their organizational structure, functioning              and role.
  •      Experience in developing program strategies for development organisations.
  •      Proficiency with analytical and presentation tools.
  •      Excellent spoken and written communication; comfort reaching out to and discuss the organisation’s management and employees.
  •      Well structured, clearly understandable and “to the point” writing style, that presents the necessary information in a complete but concise                way.
  •      Excellent command, written and spoken, of English.

Time schedule of activities: The development of the FM India country program strategy should start at the earliest in consultation with FAIRMED India. The scheduled plan may be carried out for a total of 15 working days which include 1day introductory meeting with the FAIRMED India team, 3-4 phase-wise meetings with both teams, draft of the phase-wise strategy and submission for feedback and final submission.

What we offer- We will offer a fixed term contract for the development of the FM India country program strategy document, which will include terms and conditions agreed upon during the signing of the contract between the consultant and FAIRMED India.

FAIRMED India shall pay a consultancy fee for a total of 15 days. The consultant is expected to make an offer of the consultancy fee for the assignment.

For more details please contact,

    Mr. John Kurian George
    Country Coordinator FAIRMED India
    K-194, Ground Floor, Southcity-1, Gurgaon-122007, Haryana state
    Mail: info[at]fairmedindia[dot]in
    Phone: Office: +91 124 - 4045248