Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which no one suffers any longer from leprosy and other poverty-related diseases or experiences discrimination because of disease or handicap.

Our goal is:

  • to make health services accessible for the poor and sick.
  • to enable people to live an independent life despite illness or disability.
  • to increase the long term independence of poor countries from international aid.
  • a social and just health policy.
  • to break the vicious circle of poverty and disease, thereby making a contribution to the achievement of the UN millennium development goals.
  • to enable disadvantaged people and communities to improve their everyday lives through their own endeavours and thereby play a part in the implementation of the WHO Ottawa Charter.

With all our projects, we make a contribution to the accomplishment of these goals.

We create an awareness amongst the Swiss population for the destiny of people in the south who are afflicted by poverty-related diseases.