68th Independence Day - GRETNALTES Health Stall in Guntur

  • On the occassion of the 68th Independence Day, we put up a GRETNALTES Health Stall in Guntur. We exhibited posters which showed how to care for for the eyes, hands and foot in leprosy affected people.
  • Pamphlets providing comprehensive understanding of health education and our co operation with the involvement of public and government were distributed. The response to the leprosy related activities was very good.
  • Sri Prathipati Pulla Rao, the state Agricultural Minister and Sri Kanthilal Dande, the Collector of Guntur District were among the visitors to the stall. The manager of JBAR programme, D.M.H.O., Addnl. D.M.H.O., many government Officials and public visited the stall.
  • The staff of GRETNALTES demonstrated the Tab of CDLCP to the visitors and were appreciated for the activities and service rendered by the N.G.O.
  • GRETNALTES arranged a propaganda chariot exhibiting the currently running programme of CDLCPto help the public easily understand the ongoing activities of the Organisation.