Our Dream
That everyone has access to medical care to ensure their health and well being
Our Focus
To ensure that children afflicted with leprosy do not suffer social exclusion
Our Goal
To improve the health and living conditions of patients affected by leprosy
Our Vision
A World where no one suffers from leprosy or discrimination because of disease or handicap
Our Priority
To ensure that children are vaccinated and to provide medicines for simple illnesses

Swiss Emmaus Leprosy Relief Work India
Founded and Supported by FAIRMED (Switzerland)


68th Independence Day - GRETNALTES Health Stall in Guntur

On the occassion of the 68th Independence Day, we put up a GRETNALTES Health Stall in Guntur.


Pamphlets providing comprehensive understanding of health education and our co-operation with the involvement of public and government were distributed.


The staff of GRETNALTES demonstrated the Tab of CDLCP to the visitors and were appreciated for the activities and service rendered by the N.G.O.


On the occassion of the 68th Independence Day, We exhibited posters which showed how to care for the eyes, hands and foot in leprosy affected people.


Sri Prathipati Pulla Rao, the state Agricultural Minister and Sri Kanthilal Dande, the Collector of Guntur District were among the visitors to the stall.

Our Vision

"Our vision is a world in which no one suffers any longer from leprosy and other poverty-related diseases or experiences discrimination because of disease or handicap."

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About Us

Swiss Emmaus Leprosy Relief Work India (SEI)

About HealthFirst India

HealthFirst India

HealthFirst India is a fundraising unit of Swiss Emmaus Leprosy Relief Work India. Our work entails advocacy and resource mobilization. We raise funds to support project partners like developmental organizations, medical institutions and community groups which work for leprosy, TB and other poverty related diseases. The services revolve around social and medical rehabilitation of the people affected with Leprosy and Tuberculosis.

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About GoodBye Leprosy Trust

GoodBye Leprosy Trust

Swiss Emmaus Leprosy Relief Work India is a proud member of GoodBye Leprosy Trust. The Goodbye Leprosy Trust (GBLT) was founded on August 2013, by five organizations that have Leprosy control work as their core area of work. The trust was formed with an intention to mobilize financial resources locally in India to eradicate Leprosy. The GBLT members collaborate with the Government of India (GoI) and itís respective state societies.

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Annual Report


Our Work

Swiss Emmaus Leprosy Relief Work India started its work in India in 1960 and initially worked to eliminate leprosy as a public health problem. For over 50 years, SEI has dedicated itself to improving the lives of people affected by leprosy, tuberculosis and other poverty related diseases through social and medical rehabilitation. The Organisation is based in Gurgaon, Haryana. The trust was established with the aim of providing neglected people with access to healthcare in line with the Emmaus motto "Serve those most in need". The foundationís organs are the foundation board and the board of control. Finance for the foundation and its projects is raised through donations and bequests.

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Prevention of Impairement and Disability (POID) project is implemented in E. Godavari and Guntur districts. We are pleased to share the following activities done in the project.

POID Appeal

I'm pleased to share with you that Swiss Emmaus India was able to pilot an innovative project namely, Prevention of Impairment and Disability(POID).

Education Support

Your generous donations to HealthFirst India (an initiative of Swiss Emmaus Leprosy relief Work India) has made a difference to the lives of many children.

Health Action January 2012

The project provides POID services to approximately 6,500 affected persons in two high prevalent districts (East Godavari & Guntur) of Andhra Pradesh.

Health Action September 2013

All the NLEP Coordinators were provided induction training by the NGOs at the district level addressing the NLEP programme.

Recent Projects


Donors are informed five times annually about the work of Swiss Emmaus India. Donations should be sent to:

Swiss Emmaus Leprosy Relief Work India,

C-1, First Floor, South City - 1, Gurgaon - 122 007, Haryana, India.

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Telephone: 0124-2581224, 2384224

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